15 Amazing Beauty Hacks For Your Major Problem Areas

We all have a couple of things that we are self-conscious about. It happens to the best of us. There is nothing wrong with wanting to look our best.  These tips cover the most common vanity issues ranging from skin to hair and will help you look even more awesome than you already do! Here are 15 amazing beauty hacks for your major problem areas.


1. Face Slimming Exercises

Face Slimming Exercises

My face is pretty fat, especially my slight turkey neck. Not because I’m really fat, but after checking out this article I realized it was because I had never given my face a real good workout before.  Maybe you’re with me on this. I’ve never had a sore face from working out before so I can really tell it’s working.

2.Dark Circles And Puffiness DIY Caffeine Eye Serum

15 Amazing Beauty Hacks For Your Major Problem Areas. Fantastic list of beauty hacks! I love how most of them are DIY and home remedies. I'm glad I found this!

Do people ask you if you’re tired a lot? I’ve had people ask me that around noon and I give them the craziest look. Sorry, no that’s just the death circles under my eyes. Our eyes are the first thing people notice, so fixing this problem is a must!

Applying caffeine helps to improve circulation and lighten dark circles.  That’s why this easy to make DIY Caffeine Eye Serum is perfect! And you only need five simple materials to make it (including the container).

3. Makeup Application Tutorials

Makeup Application Tutorials

The things people do with makeup these days never ceases to amaze me. I personally think videos are the best way to learn how to do something and recently I found “8 Tutorials To Teach You How To Apply Make-Up Like A Pro”!

These beauty hack videos cover:

  1. Foundation and concealer application
  2. Contouring and highlighting
  3. Applying blush
  4. Shaping your eyebrows
  5. How to fill in and shape your eyebrows
  6. Applying eyeshadow
  7. How to apply eyeliner
  8. Making your eyelashes look bigger

4. Get Rid Of Acne And Dark Marks

Get Rid Of Acne and dark marks

I can back these methods 100% because this is my article and I went through years of trial and error to find the answer to my acne and dark mark problem! I cover how to get rid of each of these problems separately, but you could always use them together.

5. Instant Blackhead Removal

The blackhead strips from the store are a joke. They only pull a little bit of the dirt out and you can’t notice any difference. At least that’s how they have all turned out for me. This beauty hack only requires two very cheap ingredients to make the mask and the results are astonishing!