5 Early Signs And Symptoms Of Breast Cancer You Should Not Ignore

Breasts are the most delicate and sensitive part of a woman’s body. Breasts are a woman’s pride and something that helps her feed her baby when she turns a mother. It is, therefore, imperative that you care of your breasts all the more, keep them healthy. While there are things you can do for a better breast health such as wear the right size bra, not wear too tight clothes, and if you are a woman above 35, get yourself a yearly mammogram to ensure they are healthy. But aside from these, every girl should closely observe their breasts and look out for signs and symptoms of breast cancer.


Your body gives out certain warning signs, and if you see any of the below listed abnormality in your breasts, you should see your healthcare professional immediately. Here are some of the sure-fire signs of breast cancer you should watch out for.

Change in the size of your breast

You experience a sudden change in the appearance of your breasts. One breast could appear enlarged or another breast shrunken. You notice a dimple formation on your breast. Any asymmetry you see in your breasts should be taken seriously. Not to say that, in most women one breast is a beat larger than the other, which is normal.

But if you have noticed a sudden increase in the size of only one breast, or if you have experienced a sudden shrinking of one breast, you should call your doctor. Even the appearance of your nipples plays a role here. Check if a nipple is slightly turned inward, or the skin on your nipple has turned red or scaly. If you are clear of all these signs you have no reason to worry.

Change in the feel of your breast

Are your nipples always tender, even if you are not nearing your periods? This is among the symptoms of breast cancer you should watch out for. The appearance of a lump on a breast or thickening of a breast near the underarm area are signs of alarm.