The cucumber diet is a diet that shows significant results in just a week or 10 days the most and it is ideal for people who do not want to bother they mind what they need to eat. The diet seeks certain products to be eat, and the same requires a physical activity too.


As the name of the diet shows, the main ingredient of the same is the cucumber which may be eat in unlimited amount as well whenever you fell you are quite hungry. The cucumber by itself has great benefits one one’s body, purifies the organism, cleans intensities, stimulates the metabolism, and helps with the digestion. The same is good for detox and helps your body to get rid of the extra water in the organism. It is beneficial for the skin too because removes acnes and cleans the entire skin on one’s face.

If you decide to gain the benefits of the cucumber, then start with the following meal plan:

  1. Breakfast

Your breakfast need to be consisted of low-fat yogurt with no added sugars mixed with 200g of sliced cucumber inside of it. If this is not enough for your stomach then you can get two peaches or one apple, and eat the same.

  1. Lunch

Your lunch need to be consisted of large plate of cucumber salad and a slice of dried bread. If you think that you lunch is not tasty enough, then you can try the following recipe.

The ingredients needed for the same are: cucumber, 2 potatoes, 300g fresh fruits, and coffee or tea without sugar. Boil the potatoes or bake if you want and then eat the same combined with sliced cucumber and slices of whole wheat bread. Later, after the meal you can have a fresh fruits and make a fruit salad as a snack. At the end you can drink your coffee or tea without sugar.

Another lunch recipe that you can try is the one consisted of 2 eggs or 15g white meat or 150g of tuna, 2 potatoes with 3 slices of whole wheat bread, and cucumber. If you do not want tuna, then you can grill the white meat without oil and add boiled eggs to the same.

  1. Snack

Between the lunch and the dinner, you may allow to yourself a snack, without any limitations. The ingredients needed for the same are: 1 cucumber, ginger, a handful of spinach, 20g of almonds and walnuts, and 1 apple. Start the preparation by adding the cucumber, the spinach, and the apple to a blender and blend them. Then add the ginger and continue to blend. At the end you can decorate the same with some walnuts and almonds and drink the same immediately because if stays for longer period of time will lose its healing benefits. This snake shake is very good for your organism because it is rich with vitamins and minerals.

  1. Dinner

You do not have some great choice regarding the dinner. You will need only 300g of any fruit that you love and make a fruit salad of the same.

The most effective results that you can get of this diet during a period of 7 days is if you follow the more rigorous diet. In that regime your breakfast need to be consisted only of yogurt with 200g fruit and cucumber. The lunch need to be based strictly on a large plate of cucumber salad with a piece of dried bread. At the end, for the dinner you may eat only a fruit salad.

7-day exercise regime that will change your body and drop pounds very fast

There comes a time in life when special events as anniversaries, graduation, special parties, or weddings occur and you need to look attractive and slimmer for the same. If you are looking for a regime that will not take a longer period of time but will provide you with speedy, effective results, then the 7-day cucumber diet in a combination with an exercise regimen is the right one for you.

The exercise regimen is consisted of 6 exercises:

  1. Cardio Intervals

For this exercises you will need a cardio equipment such as bike, treadmill, or bounce rope. Then you will be able to perform the following movements:

  • spend 10 seconds at your aggregate most remarkable effort;
  • spend 20 seconds at 75 percentages of your most remarkable effort; and
  • spend 3 minutes at 50 percentages of your most remarkable effort.
  1. Side Planks

Start the exercise by laying down your body on the ground on your side, with the knees in a straight position. The stomach zone need to be put up on the elbow so that you can lower your arm for help. Later you need to raise your hips so that your body gets to a straight line position from the lower legs to the shoulders. Try to stay in this pose for a minute.

  1. Plank with Arm Raise

Start the exercise in a push up position i.e. your elbows need to be bowed and your weight to be laid on the lower arm. Try to make a body balance from the shoulders to the lower legs. Then put the right arm in front of you and draw the shoulders bleeding edges down while you are raising your arms. Try to hold this position for several second.

  1. Push Ups

Start the exercise by laying down your body on your two legs and two hands. Keep the hands agreed with the shoulders. Your feet need to be close to each other. Then lower the body to the ground and go back to the starting position.

  1. Platform

Start the exercise by laying down on the floor. Your feet need to be on the level with the floor while the knees wounded. Then raise your hips, hold for a minute as that, and then go back to the starting position.

  1. Step Ups

Start the exercise by staying before a sit and placing the left foot on it. Push your body so that your leg reaches a straight line. Then lower your body so that the right foot touches the floor.