Amazing beauty tips With Banana Peel

We are already aware of the fact that bananas are loaded with nutrients, natural sugars and antioxidants; hence it is a fruit that should be a part of your daily diet. However, if you are ready to go that extra mile, you can also use bananas for delectable skincare and hair-care recipes which would take care of a gamut of beauty problems!


But did you know that even the banana peel, which is often thrown away by us, could be extremely beneficial for your beauty needs? The use of bananas is well-known but the knowledge about the use of banana peels is not so widespread. Wondering about the unusual uses of banana peels? Read on.

Top beauty tips with banana peels

Lighten acne scar:

If you have been suffering from acne for quite sometime now, try out this banana peel trick. A ripe organic banana has to be cut into small pieces and then, the peel has to be removed. The size of the banana peels is now convenient and you can easily use them as your natural acne pads. Rub the inside part of the banana peel on the affected zone till the peel turns brownish in color. Repeat this practice thrice a day and it will help in soothing the skin and also doing away with acne in due course.

Put an end to pimples:

If you want to keep pimples at bay, just make sure that you massage your face and body with banana peels everyday for five minutes. If you do it regularly, you will see considerable difference in a month.