At 62, Here’s How Christie Brinkley Shows Zero Signs of Aging

The woman is ageless! Last year, Brinkley told Doctor Oz that she has exfoliated her face every day for 40 years, and that’s how her skin has stayed so young. She also has been a vegetarian ever since she was a teenager and credits Total Gym for her svelte bod.


“The only constant that I have in my life is that I start whatever I do with my Total Gym because I believe it helps keep me from getting injured,” she told

Along with Total Gym, Brinkley says she partakes in SoulCycle, yoga, bicycling, paddle boarding, surfing, skiing and swimming.

Photo Credit: Carlo Allegri/Reuters

As far as her diet goes, the superstar does have one strange quality that sets her apart from most people: She eats dinner for breakfast. Usually leftovers from the night before, Brinkley told Doctor Oz that her breakfast usually contains a grain (like quinoa), lentils, vegetables and a bit of oil and vinegar. Add a glass of warm water with lemon and you’ve got Brinkley’s daily breakfast!

For lunch, it’s a big, colorful salad, maybe some lentil soup on the side and fresh-pressed juice.

christie brinkley

Dinner depends on the day, but Brinkley says it usually includes some sort of pasta, and starts with garlic, olive oil and various ingredients. “So whether it’s broccoli rabe, some sort of bean, a whole variety of vegetables. Whether I make a fish in the oven it is that kind of thing.”

Her favorite dessert? “A piece of a Gnosis Pom Açai raw chocolate bar every day.”

We’re sure that Brinkley’s healthy diet and exercise routine play a major role in her youthful looks, but she told Doctor Oz she believes her attitude plays a large role as well.

“Ultimately, your age is determined by your attitude. […] I’m much more concerned with how I feel. When you feel great and you feel energetic, that also makes you look better, but the number one thing I’m concerned about is feeling good.”

Could you follow Christie Brinkley’s vegetarian diet? Share your own healthy eating routine in the comments below!