Fermented what?! The ingredient you that will grow your hair long

Rice Water?! Sometimes when we’re scouring the internet to find the best hair tips we come across the same things over and over. New technics, masks, products and tactics all promising to be better than the last one. Sometimes however, the best hair recipes are those that have been used for hundreds of years.


   Ever since ancient China, the women have been using fermented rice water for their hair. Who would have guessed such a simple DIY could work such wonders. Its ability to heal your hair has been forgotten for a while; except by a little village in China known as Huangluo.

  The women of the Red Yao tribe are still using this method today. Thanks to the nutrition of rice water they’ve even made it into the book of Guinness world records for being the village with the longest hair. Now you know for sure this isn’t a lie. Most of the women, and even the young girls have long silky hair that reaches to the ground.

  So lets get down to the science of why something as bizarre as fermented rice water may just become your new holy grail of hair care products.                                                             

    Rice water when it ferments is chock full of amazing nutrients, minerals and vitamins. One of its most unique quality’s however is the inositol that it contains, which is a type of carbohydrate. Inositol sticks to your hair shafts even after you’ve rinsed. It causes your hair to become stronger and healthier by helping lock in moisture. So if your hair is dry or frizzy or has a lot of damage, inositol is the answer you’ve been looking for.

  In addition to such an amazing hair growth supplement you also are going to be receiving a lot of amino acids, and vitamin B. Both of which aid in scalp health, and strength. Vitamin B especially helps with pigment, and graying hair. You scalp will come away very replenished and more protected from free racicals from the sun that may cause further damage.

  The rice water helps to stimulate blood flow and more importantly it restores your scalp to a proper pH. Why is pH important you ask? Well first, if you struggle with too much oil, dandruff or dryness, most likely its because you don’t have a proper pH level and your scalps ability to regulate proper oil levels is being thrown off. This is also why apple cider vinegar is good for oily hair.

   Second, when something is fermented it turn sugars into acids or alcohols. When this occurs it lowers the pH of the substance making it more acidic. You‘re scalp often times can become very base, when this happen it creates an environment that allows bacteria to thrive and dandruff to become rampant. When you rinse or add rice water to a mask you restore proper pH levels to your scalp. You’re hair will thank you as it flourishes in an optimum environment.

 Here’s how you make your own fermented rice water:

    You’ll need,

 -A mason jar or something similar to hold your mixture

-1/2 a cup of rice

-2 cups water

   Combined you rice and water into your jar and shake thoroughly before leaving the mixture to sit for about an hour. Afterwards, strain out the rice and keep the now foggy water in the jar. You’ll leave your rice water to sit for a day or two until it gets a slightly bitter smell. Add two more cups of water and put it into the fridge for keeping.

    Now that you’re fermented rice water is ready you can do multiple things with it. Soak your hair, allowing it to sit for about 45 minutes before washing, add it to a hair mask or use in the shower along side your shampoo.

   Don’t be scared off by the tart smell. It will completely disappear after you hair has been rinsed and fully dried. Be sure to use consistently every week, either every time you shower or as often as you’d like as a supplement. It’s perfectly safe and organic to use. So, no worry about over doing it.

    Happy fermenting!