Hong Kong Street Food & Other Hong Kong Cheap Eats

If you’re reading this post hoping to find a long list of Hong Kong street food eating options, we’re sorry to tell you that Hong Kong is not a plentiful city when it comes to street food vendors. Unlike other street food filled Asian cities like Bangkok, Hanoi and Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong street food is really difficult to find. 


To keep our travel costs as low as possible, we rely pretty heavily on street food, so we were quite disappointed to discover it’s scarcity in Hong Kong. Most parts of the city have become pretty westernised so they’ve rid the streets of street food carts and other vendors to appear clean and uncluttered. But don’t panic, Hong Kong street food is still available in places and in this post we’ll share where to find it, as well as other more plentiful alternative Hong Kong cheap eats.

Where to Find Hong Kong Street Food

In the several days we spent in Hong Kong, we only found Hong Kong street food in two areas of the city; Soho on Hong Kong Island and Mong Kok in Kowloon. We wish we could tell you there are more, but even our friend who’s lived in Hong Kong for over a year, couldn’t reveal any other options.

Hong Kong Street Food – Mong Kok, Kowloon

Hong Kong Street Food and Hong Kong Cheap Eats - Kowloon

Street dining in Kowloon

Mong Kok is our favourite part of the city to explore, partly due to the many Hong Kong street food options scattered across the tatty but charming old streets. Mong Kok feels like old Hong Kong before the shiny skyscrapers were erected, the international corporate companies arrived and western visitors landed.

Wander the dirty alleys and market crammed streets and you’ll soon stumble across Hong Kong street food vendors selling treats like steamed fish balls, ban bao (steamed buns), deep fried tofu, fresh sushi and sweet Hong Kong egg waffles.

Stay until the evening and street corners soon fill with the smell of grilled fish and stir fried meat noodles. These open air kitchens (Dai Pai Dongs) offer plenty of plastic seating so you can watch Mong Kok’s flickering neon nightlife as you scrape every last bit of meat off the bone. The best area in Mong Kok for Dai Pai Dongs is surrounding the Temple Street night market. Prices for 1 x main started at 40$HK. click open to continue ….