How to Eat Cheap in Iceland | Less than $8 a Day

Iceland is expensive.  It is the 4th most expensive country in the world based on consumer price indexes.  High food costs are a large part of it.  There are certainly ways to keep your costs down if you strategize.  During our 11-day trip around Iceland, we spent less than $8 a day per person on food.  You go to Iceland for the beautiful landscapes and thrilling experiences, save your money for accommodations and activities rather than food.  Here are practical tips for eating cheap in Iceland.


Eating a Sandwich on the way to Snæfellsnes Peninsula in North Iceland

Dinner at our Airbnb overlooking Kirkjufell Mountain


  • Groceries from Bonus/Kronan: $125
  • Eating out at Friðheimar: $41
  • Ice Cream: $9

Food Total: $175 for two people, $87.50 per person

All of our meals but one came from the grocery store.  Iceland has a few popular grocery store chains.  The more budget-friendly of those are Bonus and Krónan.  You can typically find one or the other in all of the larger towns throughout Iceland.  We made three separate grocery store trips (Krónan in Vík, Bonus in Akureyri, and Bonus in Reykjavik).  We had brought a soft-sided foldable cooler to keep groceries cool as we drove around and then put them in the fridge at each new Airbnb.

The one meal we did eat out was at Friðheimar, a restaurant inside a greenhouse near the golden circle.  They serve tomato-centered dishes, including all you can eat tomato soup and bread.  It was absolutely delicious and very filling.  Easily the best tomato soup I’ve had.

We did also enjoy Ice Cream in Reykjavik at Valdís.  While great, it does not compare to some of the ice cream or gelato we have had elsewhere in the world.


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