If You Press This Point On Your Foot Before Bed, This Is What It Does To Your Body!

The percentage of people suffering from insomnia is huge. In US this number is increasing little by little, and many people are worried about their lack of sleep.

You must have had this problem in some point in your life. You don’t have to be insomniac to have this problem from time to time, and it can happen to everyone. There is a little trick that comes from the acupuncture technique and a lot of people claimed that for them was a real salvation.

The acupressure points for better sleep
The secret is in the point LV3, and this point is not only the cure for insomnia but for many problems connected to the quality of your sleep. This point can be found between your toe and second finger on your feet . This point should be pressed and hold like that for 5 seconds.
Another important point on  your body that will treat insomnia thanks to the acupressure is the point P6. It can be found 3 fingers widths above the wrist, between tendons. In order to have effect you should press and hold the point P6 for 5 minutes.
The K1 point is also effective and it’s found at the center of the indentation below the foot ball. You should press this point for half a minute and then rest for 5 seconds. Do this a couple of times.