Surprising Uses For Mustard – Healthy Well

It’s likely you didn’t realize your favorite sandwich condiment has a double life. Mustard is used not only for hotdogs, but for a host of other uses, from soothing sore throats to warding off cancer. According to Livestrong, the protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals in yellow mustard contribute to good health and well-being. 


The origins of mustard take us back to the time of the ancient Romans, who were introduced to mustard by the Egyptians. They mixed unfermented wine with mustard seed to made the first version of mustard, calling it ‘must,’ hence the name mustard. In today’s world, mustard has some pretty incredible uses.

Stop Cramps

This is a great tip to remember on your next road trip, as mustard works wonders on leg cramps. If you feel a cramp coming on, take one tablespoon of yellow mustard. The mustard will take your leg cramp away and prevent more from returning.

Calm Burns

If you find yourself with a burn, run cool water over it, then cover the entire area with a layer of mustard. Not only will it prevent blisters from popping up, it will dull the pain of the burn. Mustard contains the compound allyl isothiocyanate, which acts as a powerful counter-irritant that will have your burn soothed and on it’s way to recovery in no time.

Ease A Sore Throat

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