The Best Frozen Hot Chocolate

The temperature is so hot in California right now, that my new idea of a good time is curling up in my shortest shorts under the nearest AC vent while reading a magazine.


Doesn’t that just sound divine?

Forget poolside. Poolside still means you’re outside, of which I want absolutely nothing to do with. It’s over one-hundred degrees out there – staring at a glistening pool is not my idea of a good time. And frankly, neither does swimming (hello, bikini – no thanks) but that’s a different story.

Not to mention, we don’t have a pool or know anyone with a pool besides my grandma, who lives about 15 minutes away. We could go over there to swim, but that requires bearing the heat and travel time which doesn’t bode well when the temperature gauge is over a hundred.

So basically, if you need anything done from me at any given time during June-September, it’s a requirement that it’s done in the house, that the AC is blasting, and that I’ve had adequate time to bring my body to temperature. It’s the worst when I come home from my 8am walk with Mannie, enter the home dripping with sweat, and am asked to do something. Leave me alone and let me stop cooking.

Anywho. Despite burning up 24/7, I’m still getting the urge to bake which I’m trying to curb with plenty of no-bake treats. One of the things we crave in the summertime is ice cream and tons of it, but I get kinda tired of it every night all the time between sundaes and milkshakes. So I set out to create a summertime treat that was kinda like ice cream, kinda not, but 100% delicious. And it serves as inspiration for my favorite wintertime drink… *drumroll please*… Frozen Hot Chocolate! 


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